Your Offertory Gift

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For those who give their offering through direct debit giving, you will find white offertory cards available on the tables at the back of the Cathedral where you pick up the Sunday bulletins and hymn books. These can be used as a symbol of your gift and placed in the offering plate during the collection. If you are interested in signing up for direct debit giving – a wonderful way to ensure the Cathedral receives your financial support on a regular basis – or want to use offertory envelopes, please call Jim Robertson, 306-955-7158 or the Cathedral office 306-242-5146. Thank you!\r\n \r\nFinancial Givings as of December 15, 2016\r\nBudgeted January – December 15: $209,134 \r\nActual amount given: $204,941\r\nShortfall: (- $4,193)\r\n \r\nThank you for supporting our growing Cathedral family!

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