Advent Tea and Bake Sale—Over $7,000 raised!

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Who would have thought it possible that so many people could rally and together raise so much money! Especially when one realizes that the main event of the day was the afternoon tea!

On Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning, people sat at the tea tables and visited, and visited, up until the time came for clearing away the tables!

The final figures are not all in, but here is the picture to date:  The ACW received $4216.45 from turkey pies, crafts, tea tickets, jams and jellies, and nu-2-u items. As in the past, the ACW will use this income to support various outreach projects, and to respond to on-going needs of the Cathedral.

From the bake tables, $1,270.55 will be given to the Cathedral operating account.Approximately $720 was raised for the Organ Restoration Fund from Lin Whitworth’s table, and from the sale of Bird Houses. $120 from the Sunday morning breakfast and mid-day lunch was received in the donation basket for The Lighthouse.

Christmas cakes were sold in support of the Cathedral Choir, both light and dark cakes. Final numbers have yet to be tabulated, and expenses will need to be deducted. That said, Saturday’s income was around $700. And here is more good news! For anyone wanting a home baked Christmas cake, more cake is available! Speak to Betty Dolman. A grateful thanks to all who worked together to make the Advent Tea a wonderful event! God bless you!

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