“LOOK UP!”, says Property Chair

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PLEASE LOOK UP: The Property Committee members are asking you to look up, and compare the drain piping on the North and South sides of the Nave at the ceiling.


The work done a few years ago on the North side has improved our situation immensely. The unfinished work on the South side is our biggest single building concern… along with the leaks it enables that sprinkle those of you sitting on the South side of the Nave.
If you can help preserve our church community by preserving the building we call home – and keeping your friends dry, too, please consider a direct contribution to the Building Restoration restricted fund.


If you would like more information, please don’t hesitate to contact Bert Munro @ 306-221-0859 or <<munrob at shaw.ca>> ,or any other member of the Property Committee.


Thank you, Bert Munro, Chair of Property Committee 


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