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You Looked Up And a Prayer was Answered: for the Property Committee who were asking us to compare the drainage piping on the north and south sides of the Nave at the ceiling. Happily, beginning in May of this year, we will undertake the restoration of the south gutter, which has been our single biggest building concern, along with the leaks that sprinkled those of us sitting on the south side of the Nave. This work will be completed by PCL Construction, a firm very familiar with the building, having completed the gutter and roof work of 2012 through 2014. The cost of this segment of the greater Restoration Project is just over $500,000 and it is fully funded through the Restoration Fund as a result of the generosity of our Cathedral family, private donors, and most notably perhaps, the Columbarium. We ask your patience and understanding while the work proceeds through much of the summer as it will impact the space and access at various times.

As this project marks another large step along the pathway to full restoration, we also ask that you consider how you might further help to preserve our church community through the restoration and preservation of the building we all call home. Direct Contributions to the “Building Restoration” fund are making a tangible difference. Our next challenge will be the reroofing of the Nave.

If you have any questions, need further information, or have a desire to become more deeply involved in this long term project please don’t hesitate to contact Bert Munro at 306.221.0859 or or any other member of the Property Committee.

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