Volunteer to be a Tour Guide!

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Tour Guides Needed:  If you are thinking about something different that you might do for the church this summer (or even if you are not), please consider volunteering to be a tour guide.  You will find this ministry to be a unique vehicle for sharing your faith and one that is rewarding and educational.

It is also an excellent chance for some meditation or summer reading when things are a little slow (which can be often.)

Tours are also a good way to share our church with others, provide time when the church can be open for meditation (yes, people do come for meditation and prayer if the church is open), and offer an opportunity for the public to visit The Columbarium.

Your time commitment may be as much or a little as you choose.  Excellent training provided.

Please contact Bill Latshaw at (306) 373-1513, E-mail  latshawb@sasktel.net  or contact the Church Office at (306) 242-5146 to volunteer or for more information.

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