Timeline of what happens next and The Process of Electing a Diocesan Bishop

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The following information was sent to every Parish of the Diocese by Chris Wood, the Chair of Diocese of Saskatoon Episcopal Search Committee

Synod delegates and active diocesan clergy are the only persons who can nominate and elect a diocesan bishop. Our parish’s Synod delegates (elected in 2016) are as follows: Karen Bawden, Patricia Hoffart, Janet Okoko and Alexa Wallace (Youth delegate). They will be notified by the Diocese about candidates and synod procedures in due course and according to the timeline set forth by the provincial and diocesan electoral process. The work of the Diocesan Search Committee for the upcoming Electoral Synod has now begun. To date the following timeline is in place:

July 5, 2018 A Call for Nominations will be made to the diocese and the Ecclesiastical Province of Rupertsland.

August 25, 2018 Nominee materials will be delivered to Delegates to Synod via electronic mail.

September 8, 2018 The Electoral Synod will commence at 10 am at St. John’s Cathedral.

September 9, 2018 A Diocesan Wide Thanksgiving Eucharist celebrating Bishop Irving’s ministry

September 14, 2018 Retirement Banquet for Bishop and Mrs. Irving at the Saskatoon Inn. Tickets are available for purchase from the Synod Office.


Bishop Irving, as administrator detailed in Canon IX C 9.09 Election of a Bishop, which states:

The Canon references an “Administrator” which, means that while Bishop Irving continues to serve the Episcopal Office

he is the Administrator and convenes the first meeting of the Search Committee to begin the process of electing the

Search Committee Chair and Secretary. Once these two appointments have been made Bishop Irving will no longer be

present at this or future meetings.

Bishop David Irving announced that after consultation with Archbishop Kerr-Wilson (Metropolitan of Rupertsland) he will be retiring on October 1, 2018.

In accordance with Canon 9.06(a) of the Province of Rupert’s Land, the Diocese of Saskatoon Executive Committee requests

the Metropolitan to permit the electoral synod for a new diocesan bishop to take place before the resignation date of the

current diocesan bishop.

That a notice was sent out on May 31st 2018 announcing the retirement of Bishop David Irving on the 1st October 2018.

In addition, the Diocesan Executive Committee appointed the Episcopal Search Committee and circulated throughout the

diocese a letter announcing Bishop Irving’s resignation date of October 1, 2018 and that the Electoral Synod will be held

on September 8, 2018 commencing at 10 am at St. John’s Cathedral, Saskatoon.

As per Canon 9.08 (a) The Diocesan Executive Committee appointed the following three Lay Members of the search committee

to be Chris Wood (Saskatoon deanery), Barrie Broad (eastern deanery) and Jody Thomas (western deanery) with clergy

Rev. Emily Carr (Saskatoon deanery), Rev. Barb Forsyth (eastern deanery) and Rev. Jessie Pei (western deanery).

Rev. Carr resigned, and Canon Alex Parsons accepted the appointment to this vacancy.

As per Canon 9.08 (b) the Metropolitan appointed one bishop, Rt. Rev. William Cliff (Brandon), one clerical member,

Venerable Terry Leer (Athabasca) and one lay member Ms. Suzanne Wray (Rupert’s Land).

Appointment of Search Committee Chair – Mr. Chris Wood accepted.

Appointment of Secretary – Mrs. Lorea Eufemia accepted.

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