Environmental Audit Shows Success

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Angie Bugg, P.Eng., C.E.M., Energy Conservation Coordinator at the Saskatchewan Environmental Society, has recently completed an energy and water audit of the Cathedral and Hall.

She summarizes the audit as follows:

  • gas consumption has remained unchanged,
  • water consumption has decreased 34%, even though summer consumption has increased
  • electricity consumption for the parking lot has decreased 18%
  • electricity consumption for the Cathedral three phase had decreased by 15%, and was disconnected in August 2017
  • electricity consumption for the Cathedral single phase has decreased by 11%, but as of August 2017 it increased dramatically
  • electricity consumption for the Hall has increased 17%
  • overall, electricity consumption has decreased by 32 kWh/d, which is about the amount that a Saskatoon home uses.

Increases in electricity consumption are related to air conditioning in the Columbarium and Hall.

Angie will be writing a “success story” in the fall about the Cathedral community’s efforts to become more environmentally sustainable. Let’s all keep up the good work!

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