Our Mission

We at St. John's are a Christ-centered community. We strive to be the heart, hands, mouth, ears and feet of Jesus Christ in our parish, the Diocese of Saskatoon and the contemporary world through worship, education and service.


Bring your passion, your needs, your talents and yourself to your St. John's and make it stronger.


Walk with us and help bring God's love to the people of this great City. Help us to listen, see, and feel the needs of others. Help us take action in response to those needs.


We bring glory to God by invoking the gifts we are given by the Holy Spirit. Let us use our gifts as we Worship, Learn, and Serve together.

A Cathedral for the City

By following our mission, we are committed to being A Cathedral for the City. By hosting events for the broader community to express their spirituality, and building partnerships with other organizations, we work together to support and build the social fabric of our city.

We host vigils for the public during times of tragedy, hoping to respond to the community's spiritual need and to bring people together to share God's love. We host joyful gatherings in times of celebration, such as National Aboriginal Day or our Lessons and Carols for the City, striving to build cultural and social bridges to strengthen our community, while providing spiritual nourishment to those who seek it.

Loving God. Loving People.

Our Staff

Our staff are composed of clergy, honourary clergy, employees, and congregational volunteer Churchwardens and Vestry. As the Cathedral for the Diocese of Saskatoon, we also show the Bishop and Archdeacon. Please see the diocesan website for more information about the Anglican Diocese of Saskatoon.

Diocese of Saskatoon

Bishop David Irving

Right Rev Dr. David Irving

Venerable Ken Watts

Venerable Ken Watts

More information at the Diocese of Saskatoon

The Cathedral Chapter


Dean Scott
Very Rev Scott Pittendrigh


Sarah Donnelly
Sarah Donnelly
Pastoral Assistant
Sheila Cameron-Hopkins
Office Assistant
Mike Harris
Michael Harris
Musical Director and Choral Conductor
Kate Gibbings
Kate Gibbings
Columbarium Executive Director

Greg Schulte

Alexa Wallace
Sunday School & Youth Coordinator


Russell Munro
People’s Warden

Lauri Miller

Dean’s Warden


Val Shewchuk


Betty Dolman

Financial Gifts Secretary

John Bird

Vestry Member

Janet Okoko

Vestry Member

Neil Doell

Vestry Member


Susan Mowat

Vestry Member

Senos Timon
Senos Timon

Vestry Member

Elyse Opseth
Elyse Opseth

Vestry Member

Chrys Henry

Vestry Member

Reid McDonald

Vestry Recording Secretary

Honourary Clergy

The Right Reverend Rodney Andrews , 11th Bishop of Saskatoon (Retired)

The Reverend Canon Dr. Colin Clay, Honourary Assistant

The Venerable Dr. Henry Comerford, Honourary Assistant

The Reverend Paula Foster, Honourary Assistant

The Reverend Canon Dr. Howard Green, Honourary Assistant

The Right Reverend Thomas Morgan, 10th Bishop of Saskatoon (Retired)

The Reverend Dr. Reginald Wikett, Honourary Assistant

The Reverend Dr. Jessica Latshaw, Honourary Assistant

The Reverend Victoria Luke, Honourary Assistant

Want to worship with us?

Our diverse, multicultural congregation is known for its warmth and welcoming spirit.

We offer three weekly services:

  • 8:00 am Sunday Quiet and Contemplative Spoken Eucharist
  • 10:30 am Sunday Family-oriented sung Eucharist with Sunday School
  • 12:10 pm Wednesday for a spiritual break in the workweek. Bring a bag lunch for fellowship afterwards!